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"The Joe Fund"

Phase 1

Seeking: $10,000
Raised: $8,207.81 (updated March 20, 2016)

Narthex Lights: $500 - COMPLETED

  • We installed beautiful (and dimmable) light fixtures in the Narthex. We also moved some of the existing fans into the offices and rooms off of the Narthex. Some electrical issues were encountered. The final cost came to $2,144.76. Thank you for making this happen. It's beautiful now!

Baptistery Drain Pipe: $2,000 - COMPLETED

  • Our baptismal pool has been fixed! We have some folks who are ready to make public professions of faith through baptism and this allows them to do it where so many before have done it. Thank you!

Exit Lights, Exterior Lighting, Plumbing: $1,690 - COMPLETED

  • After starting this fund, a long list of minor and urgent repairs surfaced.
  • To stay up to code, we had the emergency exit signs repaired.
  • To keep our exterior lit at night, we had the lights fixed.
  • To prevent water waste, we fixed some leaking faucets and toilets

Patch Roof: $1,600

  • Repair patches/seams that are lifting up or split
  • Repair sagging section of roof above south stairwell
  • Add an animal and rain cover to the missing flue chimney
  • Repair southwest downspout

North Stairwell Floors: $2,000

  • Remove 1st floor carpet, refinish 1st floor stairs and handrail

Chapel: $2,000 - MOVED TO PHASE 2

  • Expose brick, repair drywall, paint 2 coats
  • * We have to wait on this project until our masonry is repaired.

South Stairwell Walls: $6,900 - MOVED TO PHASE 2

  • Repair 3rd floor ceiling, install new lights, repair and paint walls
  • * We have to wait on this project until our exterior masonry is repaired.


What is it?

July 2014 our community lost a dedicated friend and leader in Pastor Joe Bliffen.

Joe loved by doing, and boy did he love this church. From working on the leak in the roof to fixing the boiler for the umpteenth time, to patching plaster on the ceiling of the sanctuary, to painting every last window frame, to cutting the grass or trimming the bushes. Joe had a gift for handiwork and a servant’s heart that he poured into project after project to keep our church standing tall.

It’s with his spirit in mind that we are setting up a fund in his honor – The Joe Fund – to help us restore, not just patch, important sections of our church’s building, some of which Joe worked on and some he had hoped to work on one day.