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Food Drop

july 20 // 6am

Along with our denomination, Disciples of Christ, we are hosting a food drop on July 20th as an outreach project for our General Assembly being held in Columbus.

The Society of Saint Andrew will “drop” a truckload of produce of about 40,000 pounds in our parking lot at about 6am. A team of 150 volunteers will break the produce down into manageable packages. Area food banks, especially those associated with churches, are scheduled over the course of the morning to pick up requested allocations of the food.

To volunteer, please contact Wendy Taylor, minister of The Delaware Project ( or Ted Thomas (

"The Joe Fund" Raised: $3,854.31

What is it?

Last July our community lost a dedicated friend and leader in Pastor Joe Bliffen. We continue to feel the lasting effect he had on our church with appreciation and gratitude. We also feel his impact and faithfulness every time we step inside the old walls at 296 W. 4th Ave.

Joe loved by doing, and boy did he love this church. From working on the leak in the roof to fixing the boiler for the umpteenth time, to patching plaster on the ceiling of the sanctuary, to painting every last window frame, to cutting the grass or trimming the bushes, Joe had a gift for handiwork and a servant’s heart that he poured into project after project to keep our church standing tall. That passion inspired all of us. We still feel his presence and are reminded of his love for this place every time our eye falls on something that’s been painted, replaced, or mended by Pastor Joe.

It’s with his spirit in mind that we are setting up a fund in his honor – The Joe Fund – to help us restore, not just patch, important sections of our church’s building, some of which Joe worked on and some he had hoped to work on one day.

Phase 1

Total: $13,980
Goal: Complete by July 15, 2015, before the Disciples of Christ General Assembly.

Chapel = $1,950

  • Expose brick
  • Repair drywall
  • Paint 2 coats

South Stairwell Walls = $6,900

  • Repair 3rd floor ceiling
  • Install new lights
  • Repair and paint walls

South Stairwell Floors = $2,260

  • Refinish 3rd floor stairs and handrail
  • Clean 1st floor stairs and handrail

North Stairwell Floors = $1,980

  • Remove 1st floor carpet
  • Refinish 1st floor stairs and handrail

Narthex Lights = $470

  • Install new light fixtures

Exterior Trim = $420

  • Paint turquoise exterior trim a new color


April 15, 2015

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